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Amsterdam Summer City Break Restaurant Guide

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Introduction to Amsterdam 

Amsterdam, with its enchanting canals, historic architecture, and vibrant cultural scene, offers an idyllic backdrop for a summer city break. Known for its laid-back atmosphere, this Dutch capital invites visitors to explore its picturesque streets by bike, discover art in world-renowned museums like the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum, and enjoy leisurely boat rides on its many waterways. 

During the summer, Amsterdam comes alive with a plethora of outdoor activities. The city’s parks, including Vondelpark, become hubs of picnics, open-air concerts, and sunbathing. The bustling street markets, such as the Albert Cuypmarkt, offer a taste of local life with stalls selling everything from fresh produce to Dutch delicacies and handcrafted goods.

Amsterdam’s culinary scene is as diverse as its population. The city's restaurants provide a rich palette of flavors from around the world, reflecting its global heritage. From cozy cafés and traditional Dutch eateries to high-end dining establishments, Amsterdam caters to all tastes and preferences. TheFork, a leading restaurant booking app, has curated a selection of top-notch restaurants to enhance any visitor's experience in Amsterdam this summer. 

Jun Indonesian Cuisine 

Jun Indonesian Cuisine is a celebrated Amsterdam Indonesian restaurant that serves authentic, flavorful and traditional dishes like Rendang, a rich and tender coconut beef stew that is a must-try for its depth of flavor and aromatic spices. It's the perfect place to dive into the rich culinary traditions of Indonesia. 

Risto Enoteca PepeNero 

Risto Enoteca PepeNero is a renowned Italian restaurant in Amsterdam, offering a romantic ambiance and a menu that combines classic Italian recipes with innovative twists. The menu features Tagliatelle al tartufo nero invernale, a homemade tagliatelle with parmesan cheese, butter and fresh black winter truffle grated at the table. 

't Heemelrijck 

For a taste of local flavors, 't Heemelrijck ranks among the best Dutch restaurants in Amsterdam. It provides a warm, inviting atmosphere where traditional Dutch cuisine meets contemporary refinement. Diners delight in dishes like Seasonal stew, a traditional Dutch dish of sausage or beef finch. 

SOIL Vegan Café - WEST SOIL 

Vegan Café - WEST stands out as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Amsterdam, featuring a menu that’s both healthy and delicious, emphasizing organic and locally sourced ingredients. Their signature Pulled Pork Jackfruit is a delicious, wholesome vegetarian patty topped with Asian lettuce and Korean barbecue sauce on brioche. 

The Breakfast Club - Bellamystraat 

Known for its extensive menu of Amsterdam breakfast food, The Breakfast Club - Bellamystraat is an ideal spot for starting your day with a satisfying meal. Their menu offers Pancakes in the Amsterdam Style; fluffy and topped with fresh fruits, chocolate, or syrup. 

Ventuno (Skybar) 

This stylish rooftop bar in Amsterdam, Ventuno (Skybar), offers stunning views of the city skyline along with a chic setting to enjoy cocktails and small plates. The Portobello to the brim, oven roasted with melted Italian cheese and paired with their selection of local wines, provides a sophisticated taste of local flavors to accompany the city skyline. 

Midtown Grill (Marriott Hotel) 

Midtown Grill (Marriott Hotel) is acclaimed as a premier meat restaurant in Amsterdam, specializing in high-quality steaks and other grilled meats in a sophisticated setting. The restaurant is renowned for its Bone in Ribeye, perfectly grilled and served with a side of roasted Dutch potatoes. 

Annapurna Kitchen 

Annapurna Kitchen is a popular Indian restaurant in Amsterdam that delights guests with its authentic Indian flavors and spices. Enjoy dishes such as Butter Chicken, a creamy, tomato-based curry cooked with tender chicken and aromatic herbs, within their cozy atmosphere for a memorable dining experience. 

Lars Amsterdam 

For those seeking an upscale dining experience, Lars Amsterdam offers fine dining in Amsterdam with an innovative menu that showcases the best of modern European cuisine. With seafood dishes like the Oysters with red wine vinegar and shallot, meals here highlight Chef Lars Scharp expertise in blending textures and flavors. 

Celia Amsterdam 

Celia Amsterdam blends Californian style with Amsterdam's cosmopolitan vibe, offering a fresh, flavor-packed menu that appeals to a diverse crowd. Dishes like Smoked eggplant with Aji amarillo sauce and picco de gallo showcase their unique approach to popular brunch and lunch classics. 

Whether you're in Amsterdam for the heritage or the food, every meal can be a new discovery. Reflecting this variety, TheFork’s Amsterdam Top 50 restaurants list - chosen by customers - features a collection of spots that truly embody the best of dining in this vibrant city. Each restaurant on the list has been selected for its exquisite flavors and local charm.

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