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Carluccio's: Britain's favourite Italian participating in TheFork Festival

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There are many lovers of Italian food in Britain. As a nation, Britain collectively fell in love with the cuisine when it first landed on their shores. The passionate affair continues to this day, and the nation is proud home to many famed Italian restaurants. None, though, have left quite as much of a mark as Carluccio’s.

Antonio Carluccio quite literally wrote the book on Italian cooking - more than 20 of them in fact. He arrived in London around the start of the 1980s, part of an enterprising generation of chefs and restaurateurs who would help transform the city from its flat culinary landscape into the cosmopolitan dining destination that you see today. Alongside his wife, he opened the first Carluccio’s shop in 1991, selling imported Italian goods and ingredients to the Italian community in London. This expanded, and at the turn of the millennium, Antonio opened up Carluccio’s Cafe, the first location to hit upon their specialty; light, Italian based breakfasts that the nation has come to know and love.

Today, you can enjoy a Carluccio’s breakfast in most towns and cities. With over 80 locations throughout the U.K., it is safe to say that Carluccio’s has become quite the household name. A glance at their famous menu will show you why, featuring a range of hit dishes that have become classics. Let’s explore some of the dishes that have kept happy customers coming back to Carluccio’s year after year.

Antonio’s motto, supposedly, was 'Minimum of fuss, maximum of flavour', and you will see that mantra run through every dish he gives his name to. The traditional breakfast, one that helped make Carluccio’s famous, consists of a choice of eggs with smoked pancetta, sausage, sautéed mushrooms, slow roasted tomatoes and toasted wholemeal sourdough. That ios also available in a vegan version, with smashed avocado. slow roasted tomatoes. chargrilled courgette, sautéed potatoes and spinach. Eggs can be enjoyed any way; poached with avocados, or smoked salmon, or Florentine or Benedict style, and all with toasty sourdough bread.

Providing a healthier start to the day, try some of the Breads, Grains & Pancakes menu, host to treats like Italian panettone, Frutta e Cioccolato Pancakes, or Granola & Yoghurt, or alternatively tasty and Dairy-Free Coconut Yoghurt. Not to be missed, too, is the selection of warm, freshly baked pastries and croissants, with almond and chocolate varieties. Vegans aren’t left out here either, with an equally-tasty vegan version available. This can all be washed down with warm Italian coffee or a glass of prosecco or Peroni beer.

Regardless if you’re a regular at Carluccio’s, or a newcomer to this firm favorite, there has never been a better time to visit and you'll get 3-courses for just £14.40  during TheFork Festival until April 2nd. Visit Carluccio's and experience the passion and spirit of founder Antonio who lives on in every single restaurant location, where faithful staff continue his giant culinary legacy.

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