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Top 5 Best Movie Scenes in Restaurants

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With the Oscars coming up with all their wacky dresses and cringe-inducing acceptance speeches, we’re rounding up something we can all relate to – a good restaurant scene. No matter what the hero might be going through, or what the most heinous villain may be plotting, there’s something brilliantly levelling about characters coming together to order their favourite dish. It was a tough selection, but we’ve chosen the five scenes that we think capture the true magic that restaurants can create on the big screen.

5. The Lonely Guy

THE LONELY GUY, Steve Martin, 1984, (c)Universal

Oh God, we never know whether or not to laugh or cower behind our hands during this scene.

The restaurant scene in A Lonely Guy addresses an issue that almost seems to be taboo – dining alone. Many are happy to do it, but it seems a far greater number of people wouldn’t even dream of it. Why is it so hard to go and get a table for one? If you think even for a second that the restaurant you want to go into solo might have a spotlight, then just keep right on walking!

4. When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally restaurant scene

You knew this one was coming! Probably the most famous restaurant scene ever still has men looking across at their wives and girlfriends nervously to this day. When Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan’s characters are arguing about men being able to recognise when a woman has an orgasm, Ryan removes all doubt.

Kat’s Deli in Manhattan was the setting for this timeless movie moment, and even today has a sign above that very table stating, “Where Harry met Sally… hope you have what she had!”

3. Mrs Doubtfire


False teeth falling into champagne is one thing, but choking a former James Bond with cayenne pepper before saving him with the Heimlich Manoeuvre, all while dressed as an 80-year-old woman? Do that, and you’ve got one of the funniest dining disasters ever captured on film.

This scene from Mrs. Doubtfire is one of our favourites, not just because of Robin Williams’s hilarious scheming, but because of the way that it shows that exclusive restaurants don’t have to be places where people take themselves too seriously. We’re not advising you to go to such extreme lengths as Mrs. Doubtfire did (then you’ll have a lawsuit on your hands), but if you can have a good chuckle at the occasional embarrassing moment happening at the table, then we’re all for it.

2. Ratatouille

Ratatouille restaurant scene

It’s hard to pick just one scene from Ratatouille – the entire film is a restaurant lover’s dream, even if the protagonist is a rat loose in a kitchen! While the colourful mayhem that unfolds is wonderful to watch, it’s a far more tender scene towards the end of the film that really captures the joy of eating out for us. Anton Ego, the notoriously scathing restaurant critic is all ready to destroy the restaurant with his latest review, but is instantly transported back to his mother’s kitchen when he tastes the ratatouille served up by the chef.

It just goes to show that while luxurious gourmet creations can be exciting, sometimes it’s the simple foods that can bring the biggest smile to your face.

1. Pulp Fiction 

We finish with the most stylish scene of the list. John Travolta sporting a ponytail and doing the twist in his socks should be the very definition of uncool, but add in Uma Thurman, Steve Buscemi dressed as Buddy Holly, and that famous $5 shake, and you have one of the best dining scenes in cinema history.

The greatest thing about this scene isn’t the retro 1950s diner surroundings or the soundtrack, but the stilted conversation between Travolata’s nervous hitman, and Thurman’s sultry ganglord wife. We’ve all had that awkward back and forth over dinner with someone, even if our companion hasn’t been a major player in the Los Angeles underworld! Although don’t have much in common in terms of lifestyle with the duo on screen, we do get given a line of dialogue that absolutely anyone can agree with.

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